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Beautiful and healthy smile is one of the main demands of modern world. To get it without good dentist is just impossible.

Sitident is a modern, multifunctional dental center in Sochi.

Here you can get a wide range of dental services.

At our clinic we have all conditions for our patients comfort.​

We have additional attention over hygiene, sterilization of our tools, modern and up to date equipment which guarantee that everything is absolutely sterile.

Our company prioritize quality above everything to get your smile fixed and brought to most ideal condition that you would like.

Our services

General examination

Free consultation with our doctor
(dentist, orthopedic dentist)


Our clinics has a
modern computer x-ray.

Dental fillings

Latest imported materials from
Germany, Japan and USA

Dental prosthetics

Removable and fixed dental prosthetics
dental prosthetics

Urgent care

sharp pain? Call!
We will accept you without booking in urgent care.


Esthetical and medical teeth recovery

1-year warranty

High quality last generation materials from US, Germany and Japan

Low prices and great quality+

Our experts will help you to get a snow-white smile
Shamil Galin
Dentist, orthopedic dentist
experience: 17 years
Milana Zantariya
experience: 4 years

Our staff are specialized in their field as well as continuously working on improvement of their qualification at various dental courses. That is why our clinic provide high quality service and ideal smile to our customers.

We always care about health and wellbeing of our clients. We are always ready to help them with any cases by diligent care plan and further dental prosthetics.

Non-metal ceramics
Highly effective, harmless, hypoallergenic
for $350


Russia, 354071, Krasnodarskiy krai, Sochi,
Novoselov street, 5 \\ +7 (928) 09-66-999

Working hours

9:00 am – 8:00 pm

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